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La deslumbrante belleza de la selva que nos rodea nos ha cautivado. Nos inspira a pensar cuidadosamente cada construcción para que se integre a la naturaleza, y queremos que cada una de las experiencias que nuestros huéspedes vivan mientras dure su estadía sea inolvidable y un fiel reflejo de la majestuosidad del paisaje circundante.

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Our mission is for you to live an authentic experience in nature, to explore its charms, discover ancient cultures, and reconnect with the Earth.

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Reconnect with nature and awake all your senses while forest bathing in the heart of the jungle.

Take a deep breath to discover incredible waterfalls in the Yabotí Biosphere and vibrate with hundreds of native species in the most biodiverse ecosystem in Argentina.

You will be accompanied by a naturalist guide, who knows all the secrets of the jungle that surrounds Margay as well as thousands of fascinating stories about the local culture.

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Unique worldwide:

The Moconá Falls are a unique natural phenomenon caused by a geological fault. This fracture forces the waterfalls to run longitudinally along  the Uruguay River.

The Guaraní people named them Moconá, which translates into their language as "the one who swallows everything”. To enjoy the waterfalls you can take a river boat ride inside the Moconá Provincial Park.


*Optional excursion with additional fee. Access to Moconá Park depends on the level of the Uruguay River and the Yabotí Stream, so the excursion is subject to weather conditions.

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Enjoy relaxing and purifying baths in one of the most beautiful streams in Misiones, surrounded by wildlife.


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Meliponas are stingless bees native to the Paraná jungle and they play a vital role in the ecosystem by pollinating native species. As part of our regenerative production projects we are creating a meliponary consisting of 50 Yateí meliponines bee hives. They produce exquisite honey to which Guarani ancient wisdom has attributed more than 200 medicinal uses. Visit our hives and learn everything about bees.

ancient cultures

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“La Huella Guaraní” is a corridor of reserves in which numerous Guaraní communities live. Discover these villages that find in the conservation of the jungle the only possible refuge for the continuity of their culture.


During the journey, you will get to know the streets of Colonia La Flor, a colony of small producers of Yerba Mate and essential oils. As part of the landscape it is very common to see ox carts plowing the land or transporting loads. In addition, you can enjoy panoramic views of the  National University of Misiones Reserve and the Misiones Paper Cultural Natural Reserve.


Feel the flow of Nature´ s vital energy embracing two earth giants waiting for us at the end of the road: a giant Grapia plant and a Timbó tree, the only living witnesses of years of deforestation of the jungle.


*Optional excursion with additional fee.


Join us visiting a family farm of small producers of essential and organic citronella and lemongrass oils.


The entire production process of the essences, from planting to still distillation,  is handmade,. Marga and Luis grow their own agro-ecological food and take advantage of the medicinal properties of the plants of the mountain.

This activity takes place  in an environment of deep respect for cultural diversity and contributes to the development of regional economies.

*Optional excursion with additional fee.


of life

In 2020  more than a million hectares had been burned across our country and, despite the pandemic, deforestation rates have increased.

Join us in collecting seeds and planting native trees so we can take an active role in the regeneration of our planet.

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your inner core


Connect deeply with nature and with yourself through relaxing integral yoga sessions, massages and plant-based detox meals.


the earth

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